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This decrepit theatre is full of ruined opulence and terrifying phantasms. Will the players discover the hidden treasures, or will they be literally scared to death? Play up the horror-movie atmosphere and include actual restless spirits, or just let it be an old theatre teeming with monsters who know how to set a spooky scene.


The Haunted Theatre is a low-level dungeon created for old-school RPG systems. Full of traps and creepy monsters, it's a perfect spooky adventure for a late-night game session. If you don't have time to prepare, roll to fill each room as you play, or if you've got time, create your perfect scare-fest ahead of time to give your players a full horror-movie experience.

The dungeon comes with a full map of the theatre, as well as plenty of random tables to use to create a spooky atmosphere.

For an even creepier experience, I recommend finding a good horror playlist and playing by candlelight.


This can be downloaded as either a pamphlet or prettified version.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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