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Deep in the forest is a village that has been destroyed by gnolls. Gnolls are corrupted hyena monsters that crave innocent flesh. They eat anyone in their way and spread across the land like a plague, corrupting more hyenas and creating more gnolls as they go. The only way to stop them is to track them down and kill them all. This is your quest.

In It's Gnoll Time, adventurers are tasked with rooting out the gnoll infestation in the magical forest. The zine loosely covers the whole forest, with every page full of fun NPCs, unusual locations and encounters, cursed treasure, deadly monsters, and more.

It's Gnoll Time is a starting point for your adventuring party ; a mysterious and mystical forest full of secrets and dangers to explore. 

Once you've downloaded it, print it double-sided on A4 paper, fold it in half & staple the center to create the physical zine.  Alternatively, the "spreads" version of the PDF can be read on-screen.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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