You are the Queen of the realm. Today, your daughter will have her christening. Important people from everywhere will come to give her gifts - including the most powerful magical beings. The fairies. They'll give her gifts of wit, of intelligence, of beauty...nothing bad, of course. 

The same thing happened when you were born. You have nothing to worry about.

GIFTS is a choose-your-own-adventure text game set in a reimagining of Sleeping Beauty. Save your daughter before she ever gets cursed, if you can. And if you can't - simply try again. The little fairy's spell gives you all the time in the world to get it right.

There are seven different endings - if you have trouble getting them all, you can download the endings guide for all the spoilers you want.

Thank you for playing GIFTS. I hope you enjoy it.


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Development log


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I've gotten 5/6 endings but I can't seem to get the befriending ending? Every time I go to the storeroom I can only collect the weapon. I've read the book and talked to the wizard about befriending fairies is there something else I should be doing?

HMMM ok this sounds like a glitch (oops). I'll fix it up & update the file very soon. thank you so much for playing!! <3 

OK the bug has now been fixed. Thank you so much for discovering it!

Yay! Thanks for fixing it! Gonna finish my playthrough now!