Fixes & Looking to the Future

Hello again, gang! It's been a while. Thank you so much if you played it, I really super duper appreciate it.

In this update, I have fixed literally just one typo. Please let me know if there are more!

I've also been thinking about what I want from this game. The things I'm not satisfied with: the wonky CSS, the lack of character sprites throughout the game (thanks again to CSS), the lack of extra songs throughout the game to help capture the emotional journey of the game, and the fact that I would have loved to have different ways for the conversation with Paralumiel to go.

So what can I, and will I, do about these things?

Nothing's certain, but I've got a vague plan to port The Ritual over to Ren'Py as a visual novel instead of a straight text game. This would make it easier for me to control the images and layouts, and it's easier to play with music. I could also keep track of conversations the player has chosen, so the player can see how much of the game they've seen.

If you've got an opinion on this plan - hit me up! I love to brainstorm.


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Putting it in VN format would be nice, actually, my memory's bad and it'd be nice to know if there's nothing else to see or I'm just forgetting. 

Unless some combination of choices leads to a different outcome, I think I've seen everything; as for typos, Althea gets referred to as 'he' at one point, I think it was after the end of a quotation somewhere? There was definitely a space before it, so if you can control+F ' he' would do just fine for finding it quickly.