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This was a really well written and interesting story, and I am left very curious about the Lore tm involved especially with the guardian of the shrine and different times - what the answer to Anthea's question would have been, whether eating the food would have had an effect/made a difference, what the guardian was trying to warn them about, etc. I did three playthroughs and I think I got to see all the dialogue/perspectives available, and the background and context that was provided depending on what you chose was very interesting too. Also, I really liked the love/death option, and thought it was really cleverly done with "love" leading to them discussing the afterlife and whether they'd see each other again and "death" leading to whether Anthea had loved Valerie's mother. Anyway, thank you for the story.

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The writing was very nice.

However, I was kind of confused on how the game worked. Did my choices have any impact on the ultimate result or was it just to gain more insight on their relationship?  

Also, by the end of the play-through, I was still unclear on what it was really about. Also, what was the ritual? What was the point of that man? What was the point of his enigmatic speech? Are we supposed to know or are we supposed to be confused?

The story was very sad.

The game was nicely written. I liked the feel of the dialogue and the interactions between the knight and the princess, and while the title was ominous, the fact that the ritual took place during daylight was a nice little twist for me.

Imo, the overall feel could be improved by some music changes between scenes, and/or some silence. And maybe presenting the character art in the beginning might be good too, since the reader starts with a blank slate, and by the end when it shows up, the images might be different from the reader's imaginings.

It was a good read, mogi. o>

Hey, thank you so much for your detailed feedback, I really appreciate it! & I'm glad you liked it :)