02 - Now With Added Game Mechanics!

Captain Ophelia is back again & better than ever!

Since last week I've been working pretty hard on the second draft of the game, which is where I've played around with the script here & there, and (most importantly) added some fun lil interactive elements. This post will have some spoilers about them. If you want to stay totally spoiler-free, stop reading here! (& prob stop reading my dev logs altogether, they're gonna be spoilery.)

Since the game is really short, I wanted to include some non-narrative mechanics (so not just more choices). I am hoping to continue playing around with the script and making it longer, but it's never going to be as long as a lot of VNs. To offset that, I've been adding New Things! 

New Thing 1:  Keycodes. Your spaceship is in a security lockdown, and many of the doors have been locked. To get past that, you can type in the three digit keycode to manually override the lock and open the door. Bad news: you've forgotten the codes. Good news: they're all written down...somewhere. In every route you'll have to track down at least one keycode.

New Thing 2:  Ship Map. Instead of the game whisking you automatically all over the ship, or even just text choices of where you want to go, at certain points you'll get a map of the ship with visitable locations highlighted.

These mechanics are pretty little in the grand scheme of the game, but I'm hoping they'll add to the experience.

Next up...art! At the moment I'm using a total mismash of old art, and crap I've found on google images and photoshopped together. I want to do a full pass over the whole game & make sure I've got art for everything. I might still go over this art again (I'm kinda treating it as 'draft' art), or commission someone else for that, but I think once I've got everything arted up I'll have a proper demo I can start passing around for feedback.

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