01 - Intro & Status

Hey gang, & welcome to my WIP game, Captain Ophelia's Last Flight.

From my Dropbox records, I started working on this game as early as March 2016. That's kind of a while ago! I'm pretty keen to finally nail it down and get it out into the world...wish me luck, I guess!

At this point (Christmas Eve, 2017), I've just finished the full first draft of the game at 2.5k words. It's a pretty rough draft, so I'm guessing I'll add another 500-1k words to that before it's done. There's a lot of exposition that should be dialogue. 

I've also got the draft sprites and backgrounds from last year's start on the game - I really want to redo all of that. I also want to customise the GUI at least a little, get a fun new font, find a nice way to display the endings (there are six in total), & get some music.

So.... there's a long road still ahead! 

How does anyone actually manage to publish games?

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